Saturday, February 4, 2012

Put me in, Coach!

Today the Rascal will try out for machine-pitch baseball. Trying out isn't really about anything except being able to balance the teams as much as possible, but I'm still a little anxious on his behalf.

I am also feeling nostalgic for tee ball. Yes, I know! Every kid gets to bat every inning; there are no "outs" or strikes; everyone scores and everyone wins and kumbayah! It's not REAL baseball! But I'm going to miss that a bit.

I'm going to miss the no-stakes dirt digging. I'm going to miss the free-wheeling monkeyshines of the four shortstops. I'm going to miss the sheepish grins that follow the 17 swings-and-misses, followed by the beam of pride when the bat FINALLY connects... "I'm AWESOME!"

Still, the kiddo has some true athletic ability (when he's not hitting himself in the head) and I am looking forward to watching him in a slightly more competitive arena. Many of his friends are also signing up, and I will enjoy cheering them all on no matter what team gets them. I am hopeful and confident that, with some practice, he will feel that beam of pride as his bat connects firmly with the ball that is NOT on a tee. He IS awesome! I can't wait!