Monday, June 11, 2012

Just breathe.

I've had a bit of a whirlwind lately. End of baseball season, for which I planned the coaches' gifts. 5th Grade Promotion, for which I made the slideshow that would forever preserve ~100 students' elementary memories, including those of my own son. High School Graduation, to which I sent my family (and missed them TERRIBLY). End of school hoopla, with which came academic rigor plus "fun" events to keep it all together. Funeral for my friend's husband who died quite unexpectedly, causing great confusion and anger. Retirement party for a dear, dear friend, for which I organized the invitations and party favors. Both kiddos up and down with sickness from either end, sometimes both. Fever of 102 for me. Both Gorgeous and I out of town on separate errands while leaving kiddos behind. Parent having surgery. I was joking that all I needed was a baby and a wedding and all life events would be covered when I found out that 2 of my friends are pregnant.

So the merriment marie-ment?

So pleased with the teamwork and good sportsmanship Rascal's team showed all season long. So pleased with the friends we made and grew.

So proud of the Elder for his academic excellence, his musical skill, his artistic ability, his way with grown-ups and kids alike.

So amazed at the journey our niece has taken from a "surprise" for young parents to a poised, beautiful, ready for the world young woman.

So joyful at the class with which I got to spend the last year; so excited to watch them grow and achieve.

So blessed to hear the stories and see the pictures of a man's life, rejoiced as we honored his death and his family.

So tickled that a career worthy of accolades was celebrated just as she would have wanted.

SO grateful that my children are rarely, rarely sick and that we have the friends and support system that we do to help us when we just couldn't reschedule life.

So hopeful that my mom will finally have relief from her pain and so thankful that there is the procedure that will help her.

VERY happy that I am not knocked up! :)

So I am taking a moment... just a moment!... to breathe. Life is just so good.