Saturday, February 27, 2010

Puppy 500!

So Mister got up early to fit in a gym work-out before a long bike ride (I know!)and right after he left, the pooches decided to start running laps on, under, and around the bed. ZOOM! Puppy across the head! BANG! Rasslin' dogs slam into the footboard! BUH-DA BUH-DA BUH-DA the pounding of 8 paws on every inch of space in the room!

Well! Sounds like my precious little darlings need to be tossed into the yard a little outside time, so I stumble downstairs and let them out. BOTH of them immediately sat on the deck by the back door to be let back in. I give them a few minutes to TCB and then in they come. ZOOM! BANG! BUH-DA BUH-DA BUH-DA! Back outside. Sitting so sweetly. Back in. ZOOM! BANG! BUH-DA BUH-DA BUH-DA! Wha-at?!? Back outside. Sitting so sweetly! Lather, rinse, repeat!

And now?

The pooches are sleeping very sweetly. OUTSIDE. Awwww... :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Play Ball!

After much discussion, the Rascal has been signed up for tee ball. Is it wrong that I am looking more forward to watching his bench-warming shenanigans more than his hitting, running, and fielding?

More as the season unfolds!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Balloon Boy Bounces!

subtitle "Chimps Use Tools"

The Rascal discovered a balloon in his Valentine loot this morning, and has been having more fun than a barrel of monkeys trying to keep it from hitting the ground:

At one point it drifted to the top of the TV, and he needed a little help getting it down (which I happily gave). Pretty soon, of course, it floated up there again. I said, "guess it will have to live there for a while", thinking he might be more careful with it from then on. But that little chimp found an unsharpened pencil and used the eraser end to coax the balloon to the edge where it fell off, bringing it within his reach. You go on, Curious George. Good on ya!

[And yes, he is still in his jammies and there is a day-old heart painted on his face. What? That's how we roll on a Saturday!]

Friday, February 5, 2010

It Takes a Village

Several years ago, we decided we wanted to be closer to family. A 28 hour car ride for a hurricane evacuation kind of sealed our decision. And here we are-- not right next door, but easily a day trip from both sides of our families.

What a blessing it is to have folks nearby who love our kiddos as much as we do. What a delight to see the excitement when we announce a visit is coming up. What a comfort to not even think about calling to check up because our confidence and faith in the well being of our children is so absolute given the company they keep.

I would like to think that ALL families are so supportive and caring; what a shame that isn't the case. I always hope that folks who do not have the same lovin' spoonful that we do at least have a core group of friends who are even better than blood related. Whatever type of village you live in, {{hugs}} to you. And three cheers for family!