Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Did I mention summer's almost over?

I love my job. LOVE it. LL-OO-VV-EE. And this year (like every other year) I am excited about the new possibilities, the new group of kiddos who will make me laugh every day, the new school supplies (!) that all come with Back to School time.

But Da Boyz are of the ages right now that I like to call the "Sweet Spot"-- neither so young that we have to carry 17 extra bags of equipment everywhere we go; neither so old that spending time with the fam is no longer "cool". And despite the fact that there has been a bit of bickery behavior lately, I have so thoroughly enjoyed spending this summer with them that I am not quite ready to go back. I don't want this moment in time to end.

And when I stop and realize how much my family means to me, I lose my breath. This might just have been my favorite summer ever.

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