Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thankful Things

I was reminded of the November "thankful things" status challenge. I am thankful for 1: Ty; 2: Evan, 3: Eli. 'Nuff said :).

Day 4 of "Thankful Things": my parents. Funny, loving, hard working, and just plain nice. I couldn't have asked for 2 better people to show me how the world works and how I could navigate it with humor and kindness; couldn't have imagined how lucky my kiddos would be to have them as grandparents.

Day 5 of "Thankful Things": They laugh with you, listen to you, accept your flaws and celebrate your strengths. 'Cheers' to you and here's to you-- I am thankful for my FRIENDS.

Day 6 of "Thankful Things": my dogs. Companionship for a walk? Check. Wet, snuffly kisses when we come home? Check. An ear to listen without the mouth to judge; a happy tail wagging just because; a pillow for Da Boyz as they watch TV? Check, check, check. And puppy softness of the fur on their cheeks is just about the nicest feeling in the world.

Day 7 of "Thankful Things": How great is it that somewhere along the line, someone decided that putting words on paper was a good idea, and now we have BOOKS. Silly books, scary books, fantastic books, funny books... I couldn't go a day without reading. Look at that-- you're reading right now. :)

Day 8 of "Thankful Things":
It's like a magic trick;
with one little click
it's suddenly seeming
like I do my best dreaming.
...Hooray for the SNOOZE BUTTON!

Day 9: This year's football season. My Longhorns have been plagued with slippery hands and inaccurate passing; the Cowboys simply seem to be cursed . But it's seasons like this that remind you win or lose, what's important is the GAME. You stick with your team(s), no matter what! And if you're wondering about our local... high school team... well, they are 10 and 0! Thank you, LV Vikings! And to everyone-- GOOD GAME. :)

Day 10: so thankful to have a house in which I love to spend time. Scattered toys, dog fur tumbleweeds, random piles of paper and stacks of books everywhere-- there truly is no place like HOME. And at night, when I tuck myself in to my cozy bed with my best friend (after we've bedtime storied and happy dream wished Da Boyz), I know that I am blessed.

Day 11: THANK YOU to all of the brave men and women who have served in the military and protect our freedom. Our flag will be flying and we'll take a moment at 11:11 to send you our respect and gratitude.

Day 12: No better way to say it-- TGIF! I am thankful for Fridays, but not for exactly the same reasons as most folks. Fridays are perfectly balanced days; I get to spend time with my students at a job I absolutely love, all the while knowing that I am about to get extra time to spend with my family (about whom I'm a little smitten). There's just no such thing as a bad Friday!

Day 13: Oh, coffee. You warm my hands and cheer my soul. As the clouds of cream billow swirlingly through your dark depths of aromatic glow, I can sense that soon all will be right with the world. Mmmmmmm...

Day 14: I am thankful for BRAIN CANDY. The Twilight series, Adam Sandler movies... there's nothing quite like the belly laugh or little spine chill that comes from something you just enjoy with no perceived importance or consequence. Sure, I can hang with "Citizen Kane" or To Kill a Mockingbird, but I jes' loves me some Jack Black and VH1 CelebReality, too. Don't you?

Day 15: I am thankful for the community in which I live. Yes, there's gossip and drama occasionally, but there's also meals during illnesses and new babies, prayers in times of trouble and rejoicing, and no matter what, you can always find someone to join you for a beverage and a grill down by the lake. Livin' la vida LAGO!

Day 16: You can mock me if you want to, but I am thankful for Facebook. I love getting reconnected with folks I knew long ago; I love getting more deeply connected with friends past and present with whom I don't get enough real face time. And the pictures! Can't get enough of your pictures. So "POKE"! Glad to see you here!

Day 17: very thankful for my friend, Dane Ciarlo. Dane, you make me laugh. You are loyal to your friends. You've even helped me become more effective as a teacher. I am so very grateful to have the chance to know you, and I hope you have a very happy birthday!

Day 18: Hooray for medical science! For all the traditional and alternative methods of care we have to keep our beings well. And feeling very grateful today for the final round of chemo that's helping my HS buddy Tom Hogan kick cancer's a$$!

Day 19: The world is even more wonderful because of my SISTERS. Smart, funny, insightful, beautiful. Thankful that we know we don't always have to agree to love each other; thankful that they'll always laugh at my jokes just because. Only wish we didn't live so far apart.

Day 20: feeling very thankful for this lazy, pajama'd and kid shows Saturday. I will unfurl from my UT snuggie eventually, but sure am enjoying the soft sweetness of the day so far.

Day 21: We have a pet snake. Her name is Charlotte. Evan feeds her, holds her, fills her water and cleans her habitat. Thankful for his opportunity to learn responsibility; also thankful that he is empathetic enough to keep Charlotte away from his mom. :)

Day 22: My sons are immaculately mannered and perfectly postured at all times. They read & understand the complete works of Shakespeare and concoct egg white omelets with remoulade sauces. Well, at least they are when they are not dropping socks and boxers in the living room, covered with undetermined stickiness & laughing hysterically at "pull my finger". Oh, so thankful for being the mother of BOYS!

Day 23: Watching the sunset last night-- so many shades of orange and pink and violet-- I felt the presence of benevolence and acceptance. And whatever your religion/creed/spiritual belief, I hope that all of you know the solace and love of some sort of faith. Personally, I am thankful for GOD.

Day 24: I have never been a big concert goer. When folks are trying to come up with the name of a band, I am no help. There is no mental discography of any artist, genre, regional tradition, etc. But still, I am thankful for MUSIC. Listening, singing, dancing... it sets a mood and is an integral part of almost every memory. What would be on the soundtrack of your life?

Day 25: It's Thanksgiving Day! Gobble till you wobble! Our plan is to try the Ross Geller "Super Soaker" turkey sandwich later... :)

Hope you all get to enjoy your favorite traditions with your favorite people today.

Day 26: When you tend to wake up at 3:30 (2:30, 1:30, 12:30...) many mornings as I do, you come to appreciate those mornings when you wake up realizing you did not wake up all night. So thankful for a good night's SLEEP. Zzzzzzzz... :)

Day 27: As we drove through our town last night, many folks had already started decorating their homes. Tiny white candles flickering in the windows, trees wrapped from roots up with strings of lights, Griswold inspired monstrosities of inflatable Santas and chasing roof rainbows, multicolored lights like a mischievous elf had sprinkled glowing candies on every shrub. Thankful for HOLIDAY SPIRIT. Ooh, ahh!

Day 28: Go, Vikings! Thankful for a football team that's doing well; love seeing the pride and support throughout the town. LV#1! [Thanks for keeping us updated, y'all! And thanks Mike Hartnagel for the audio link! Worked great!]

Day 29: Been thinking back to Thanksgivings past, and I realized how thankful I am for my extended FAMILY. Even though we don't see each other as frequently as we used to, I have such great memories of playing with my cousins, breaking bread with my aunts and uncles, and just laughing almost all the time. My family is funny!

Day 30 of “Thankful Things”: I am so very thankful for you. Yes, YOU. You are my favorite—don’t tell the others :).

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