Thursday, May 26, 2011

6... 5... 4...

We are gearing up for the end of another school year. It is such a strange time of year; there's SO much paperwork and EOY testing, SO many special activities that absolutely kaboom the regular schedule, SO much heat (this is Texas, y'all!)... and as I look around at the amazing kiddos with whom I've gotten to spend so much time, I can't help but imagine what kind of grown-ups they are going to be. We've read together, solved together, graphed, diagrammed, cycled together, and now we are ready to go to 2nd grade.

Well, the kiddos are! I get to stay right where I am. :)

Now I get the opportunity to reflect on what was fabulous and what was... not so much... and I'll get a whole new crew of former kindergarteners with whom I get to collaborate and grow. Seriously. I have the best job in the world!

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