Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's quiet... TOO quiet...

I just realized that I am home by myself. Mister went to get some plants from a teacher colleague and since it's Rascal's former kinder teacher, he went along too. Thankfully not "pants optional"*. And, although I didn't hear the exchange, Elder jumped in the car, too. So here I am, in my Home Alone.

Assuming Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern don't come crashing through the back door, I am going to enjoy these few precious moments of solitude and quiet... but not too much. Turns out that I like having my family around me! I can't count how many times we reach out for each other; for hugs, pats, just little brushes of togetherness. How my heart squeezes when I see Da Boyz look at each other, really LOOK eye to eye, and smile for what seems to be no reason at all. The freely spoken "I love you"s that weave in the air around us All. The. Time.

They will all be back soon. There will be bickering over Wii strategies, debates over whose turn it is to feed the pooches, complaints about the dish pile and dog fur tumbleweeds... the usual. And I can't wait.

*"pants optional"= summer clothing mode. Don't ask. :)

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