Friday, February 5, 2010

It Takes a Village

Several years ago, we decided we wanted to be closer to family. A 28 hour car ride for a hurricane evacuation kind of sealed our decision. And here we are-- not right next door, but easily a day trip from both sides of our families.

What a blessing it is to have folks nearby who love our kiddos as much as we do. What a delight to see the excitement when we announce a visit is coming up. What a comfort to not even think about calling to check up because our confidence and faith in the well being of our children is so absolute given the company they keep.

I would like to think that ALL families are so supportive and caring; what a shame that isn't the case. I always hope that folks who do not have the same lovin' spoonful that we do at least have a core group of friends who are even better than blood related. Whatever type of village you live in, {{hugs}} to you. And three cheers for family!

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  1. Hey, didn't realize you had a blog! I have gotten to be quite a slacker since I joined FB. I think a lot of my blogger friends have left me. Glad to see you on here!