Saturday, February 27, 2010

Puppy 500!

So Mister got up early to fit in a gym work-out before a long bike ride (I know!)and right after he left, the pooches decided to start running laps on, under, and around the bed. ZOOM! Puppy across the head! BANG! Rasslin' dogs slam into the footboard! BUH-DA BUH-DA BUH-DA the pounding of 8 paws on every inch of space in the room!

Well! Sounds like my precious little darlings need to be tossed into the yard a little outside time, so I stumble downstairs and let them out. BOTH of them immediately sat on the deck by the back door to be let back in. I give them a few minutes to TCB and then in they come. ZOOM! BANG! BUH-DA BUH-DA BUH-DA! Back outside. Sitting so sweetly. Back in. ZOOM! BANG! BUH-DA BUH-DA BUH-DA! Wha-at?!? Back outside. Sitting so sweetly! Lather, rinse, repeat!

And now?

The pooches are sleeping very sweetly. OUTSIDE. Awwww... :)

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