Saturday, February 13, 2010

Balloon Boy Bounces!

subtitle "Chimps Use Tools"

The Rascal discovered a balloon in his Valentine loot this morning, and has been having more fun than a barrel of monkeys trying to keep it from hitting the ground:

At one point it drifted to the top of the TV, and he needed a little help getting it down (which I happily gave). Pretty soon, of course, it floated up there again. I said, "guess it will have to live there for a while", thinking he might be more careful with it from then on. But that little chimp found an unsharpened pencil and used the eraser end to coax the balloon to the edge where it fell off, bringing it within his reach. You go on, Curious George. Good on ya!

[And yes, he is still in his jammies and there is a day-old heart painted on his face. What? That's how we roll on a Saturday!]

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